Ampyra Copay Savings Card

Pay no more than $40 a month for Ampyra

Ampyra offers ‘Ampyra Patient Support Services’ (APSS), which covers comprehensive cost and insurance assistance to make Ampyra easier to afford. In addition, they offer an APSS Co-Pay Program, for patients with lower incomes and offer additional assistance for those unable to afford prescriptions provided they meet eligibility requirements. The procedure is straightforward. All what you need to do is fill up out an Ampyra Patient Support Services form and fax it to their offices. Support staff from Ampyra Patient Support Services will confirm insurance status and eligibility. They will also call the client to set up delivery and refill of Ampyra to the patient.

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What is Ampyra?

Ampyra (dalfampridine) is an orally administered, potassium-based prescription drug commonly referred to as a channel blocker. Ampyra is used for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to improve their ability to walk. Ampyra is the only MS therapy that has been specifically permitted by the FDA to strengthen walking in persons with MS.

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