BiDil Copay Savings Card

Pay as little as $12 per prescription on BiDil

BiDil offers a coupon for up to 12 prescriptions (new and refills) for patients without healthcare. Patients pay as little as $25 per month and can save up to $125 on out-of-pocket expenses. Just print your coupons and present them to your pharmacist. To guarantee reimbursement, you’ll need:

  • Complete course of treatment prescription
  • Standard prescription details
  • Person code

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What is BiDil?

BiDil is an orally-administered medication that combines the drugs hydralazine and isosorbide dinitrate. It is used, in conjunction with other medications, as a treatment for heart failure. BiDil is known as a ‘vasodilator’, meaning its purpose is to widen and relax blood vessels so an easier flow of blood to the heart might be achieved.

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