Bionect Copay Savings Card

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Bionect offers a Bionect Instant Savings Card, promoting one program for all patients. The Instant Savings Card allows patients to redeem instant discounts on prescriptions of Bionect 100g Cream, 100g Gel, or 20ml Spray.

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What is Bionect?

Bionect (hyaluronate sodium) is a prescription topical cream used to treat a variety of ailments such as small wounds or incisions, skin irritations, burns, or skin ulcers. Bionect is a polysaccharide that replaces substances found in the skin in order to renew skin cells. Use this prescription on the surface of the skin only. Make sure you wash your hands pre and post each use. Ahead of using, wash and sterilize the afflicted area as instructed by your doctor. Softly apply a layer of the product to the affected skin areas, usually twice daily or as instructed by your physician. Cover the area as instructed.

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