Equetro Copay Savings Card

3 months free supply of Equetro

Equetro is marketed by Validus Pharmaceuticals. If your prescription is covered by your insurance, you can download a savings card from Validus that can save you up to $50.00 off the cost of your copayment. If you do not have insurance coverage, and are unable to afford your medication, you may be eligible for the Equetro Patient Assistance Program. Eligible patients can receive a free three-month supply of the medication under this program.

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What is Equetro?

Equetro is an extended release medication used to treat bipolar disorder. Elidel works to reduce the acute manic phase and mixed episodes of bipolar disorder by providing a consistent level of medication in your body. The prescription is taken twice per day, with each dose 12 hours apart. The medication can be adjusted every 1 to 2 weeks until optimal results are achieved.

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