Invokamet Copay Savings Card

12 months of Invokamet free

Invokamet offers a saving card with a 12 month no cost policy for only those that are privately insured. The card is valid for 12 uses, $3900 maximum annual benefit or 12months from the activation date, whichever comes first. The card is however not available to people enrolled in federally subsidized health care programs that cover prescription drugs.

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What is Invokamet?

Invokametis a combination of Metformin and canagliflozin. These are oral diabetes medications used to control the blood sugar levels in the body. Canagliflozin helps the kidneys to get rid of the glucose in the body while Metformin works by lowering the production of glucose in the liver and causing the intestines to absorb less sugar in the body. Invokametis is used to treat two types of diabetes.

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