Minivelle Copay Savings Card

Pay as little as $15 per prescription of Minivelle

There are a variety of printable coupons and rebate offers available from the manufacturers of Minivelle, including a printable offer that will allow you to fill up to 12 prescriptions for only a 15.00 copayment per prescription. Applicants must register with Noven, the manufacturer of Minivelle, in order to download the savings card.

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What is Minivelle?

Minivelle is an estrogen patch that is used to treat hot flashes and night sweats that occur during menopause. It is also used to prevent osteoporosis that can occur after menopause. This drug may also be prescribed to who are unable to produce sufficient estrogen (for instance, due to primary ovarian malfunction, hypogonadism). Study the Patient Information Booklet readily available from your drug store before you take this drug, and every time you get a re-fill. If you’ve any questions, consult your pharmacist or doctor.

If The Minivelle Manufacturer Coupon Won’t Work, Try Our Minivelle Discount Card

Although we are not associated with the manufacturers of Minivelle, we have partnered with one of the top pharmacy benefit managers in the US to offer uninsured and underinsured patients prescription coupons. Click the button below to print, email, text, or mail our Minivelle Coupon. Depending on the pharmacy and location, our coupon can save you up to 75% off your prescription.

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