Remicade Copay Savings Card

Pay $5 per infusion of Remicade

When you are enrolled to Remistart and you are eligible, you will be provided a rebate for out of pocket costs, which include deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance costs and lasts for up to 12 months for an annual benefit of $10,00. If you want to be eligible for Remistart the following will apply: if you are currently receiving treatment with Remicade, if you currently have a commercial insurance which covers the medication costs for Remicade, if you have out of pocket expenses that are greater than $5 per infusion.

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What is Remicade?

Remicade reduces the effects of certain substances in the body that cause inflammation. It is used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis and Crohns disease. It is also used in the treatment of disabling plaque psoriasis. The drug is used when another type of medications have not been effective.

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