Vaniqa Copay Savings Card

Vaniqa Manufacturer Coupon

The manufacturer has a savings plan that will save you up to $35 with every Vaniqa purchase. However, people on government health programs like Medicaid or Medicare are ineligible for the discount and should not apply.

All you need to do is complete a short survey on Vaniqa’s official website, and a savings voucher will be sent to your email address from

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What is Vaniqa?

Vaniqa is simply a prescription cream that removes and prevents the growth of unwanted facial hair, particularly in women. Vaniqa alters the function of certain enzymes responsible for the growth of facial hair thereby interrupting the normal growth cycle.

Unless instructed otherwise by a doctor, do not use Vaniqa more than twice in one day. Wait at least eight hours from the first use before using it again.

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